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  • lil_gurl_lost@livejournal.com
heya well im mahala-rose. im 14 and at the moment life is looking up. i left lj for a while but now im back. i used to love writing poems. i love chatting. i love hugs. i am gunna try to stop cutting. i rescue hens from a battery farm. *peace* i am soooo against animal cruelty. ♥☆♡mahala-rose♥☆♡ ♥☆♡mahala-rose♥☆♡ ♥☆♡mahala-rose♥☆♡
♥☆♡mahala-rose♥☆♡ ♥☆♡mahala-rose♥☆♡♥☆♡mahala-rose♥☆♡ ♥☆♡mahala-rose♥☆♡